Why Sharing Herstory With Children Is Inspiring for the Next Generation

An article published on 3/13 in The Daily Business Journal written by Rebecca Palmer discusses the importance of Women’s History Month and the significant strides women have made to many professional fields. Palmer, who is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group, a woman-owned law firm in Orlando, FL, writes that it is important to introduce your children to the concept of Women’s History Month, so they learn about gender equality and the significant steps forward made by women of many different ethnicities and cultures.

“Introducing children to the stories of remarkable women can inspire them to dream big and believe in themselves,” writes Palmer. “When children learn about trailblazers like Rosa Parks who fought for racial equality; Katherine G. Johnson whose calculations helped put a man on the moon; or Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic U.S. Supreme Court justice, they see examples of resilience, intelligence, and determination.”

Palmer says that speaking to your children about Women’s History Month not only offers them an appreciation of earlier trailblazers but also the possibilities of chasing one’s dreams and aspirations. It is also important to always share these stories, not only during March.

“Stories about the women who have inspired us should be shared and celebrated year-round,” Palmer said. “However, Women’s History Month is a great time to have purposeful conversations about the achievements, challenges, and histories of incredible women with your children, and to teach them the meaning of You Go Girl!”

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