Rebecca Palmer appears on Women Winning Divorce #77 Millennials Embracing Domestic Partnerships With Rebecca Palmer

On August 14, Rebecca L. Palmer was a guest on the Women Winning Divorce podcast, hosted by Heather Quick, owner of Florida Women’s Law Group. Heather and Rebecca discussed the millennial trend of couples living together without being married, and what that could mean for their division of assets in the event of separation.

Rebecca, whose divorce clients included Tiger Woods’ ex-spouse Elin Nordegren, said that her work entails undertaking a journey with her clients—in some cases one that might last for several years.

“I’m walking a walk with them that is not an easy one,” Rebecca said on the podcast. “But I get the pleasure of seeing them at the other side, when they’re doing OK and they’ve gotten through it.”

Rebecca shared that her father, a minister, was fond of saying “It should be harder to get married and easier to get a divorce.” Accordingly, she emphasized that it’s important to sit down and negotiate ahead of time so that even unmarried couples cohabitating have an understanding in terms of shared assets and their potential division later on.

Rebecca said that some laws, and future guidance, will be needed given that divorces and family structures are becoming more complicated.

To listen to the entire podcast, click here.