Your Divorce Isn’t Your Identity

divorce help published an article 9/7 written by Rebecca Palmer. In her article, Palmer writes that the mountains of documents used in a divorce might feel overwhelming, which is why ensuring your legal interests are adequately represented is key.

“At our firm, we have helped clients get to the other side of what is unquestionably one of the most challenging times in their lives,” Palmer writes. “Our work entails not merely untangling all of the legal issues (and paperwork) that accompany marital dissolution but also being our clients’ advisor and confidante.”

Palmer advises that a divorce and its fallout can indeed be incredibly stressful, but this change in circumstances opens new doors to recommit to your own goals, well-being, and social circles. Tend to a long-neglected project, reconnect with old friends, and—better yet—focus on your own physical and mental health as this next chapter unfolds.

“You may feel your divorce has upended your entire identity, but I’m here to tell you this change need not define your life,” she says. “Instead of focusing too intently on what’s been lost, your post-divorce life offers a big chance to begin an entirely new chapter.”

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