Back-to-school advice from the latchkey kid generation

In an article published in the Orlando Sentinel, Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group Attorney John B. Dorris and Managing Partner Rebecca L. Palmer advise divorced or separated parents of school-age children to revisit their time-sharing agreements as a new school year starts. Minor alterations are often made to such agreements despite language specifying that such changes must be in writing. This might lead to stress for the children as they return to school—and potentially come with hefty legal costs.

“It’s critical to examine the parenting plan before conflict arises and make adjustments,” write Palmer and Dorris. “Review and understand what’s supposed to be happening versus what has evolved over time, then determine if things need to be addressed.”

The duo explains that Gen X parents may have come of age in the “latchkey” generation, wherein they were unsupervised after school until one or both parents returned home. However, this method is seen as somewhat problematic today, so Palmer and Dorris advise seeking afterschool adult supervision in extracurricular or other activities.

“It’s important to remember parenting and time-sharing should be about ensuring children are safe and engaging in quality social development with their families and peers,” they write. “The world could use more well-adjusted children as they become tomorrow’s leaders, and we former latchkey kids encourage you to find a way to make that happen.”

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