Child Support Payments During COVID-19 Crisis

by the Rebecca L. Palmer Law Group Team

We’ve been fielding a LOT of questions regarding child support and alimony payments during this crisis. It’s a tough one to navigate especially if you’ve been recently laid off or have been furloughed.

The one thing we CAN tell you is that if you’re designated through your current parenting plan, agreement or court order to pay child support and/or alimony, you must keep paying the required amount until there is a court order stating otherwise. Unfortunately, you’re not able to “self help” by discontinuing or reducing payments – EVEN if you and your ex agree. In certain circumstances, alimony payments may be adjusted if you and your ex agree in writing, however there are several factors which must be considered. You MUST either file a formal agreement if you and your ex agree, then have an order approving the agreement, or you MUST file a formal request to adjust your support obligation if there is no agreement. Our firm can absolutely help you work through this process.

“But what if there’s no money in my account?”

Please contact us immediately. It’s imperative that you understand the implications failing to meet your support obligations or reducing the support payment without a formal court order. If you are interested in filing a formal request to adjust your support obligation, we can assist you with understanding the requirements (ex: substantial change in circumstances) and process involved.  

It is important to continue meeting child support and alimony obligations to avoid negative consequences. We understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time which is causing financial hardship. As promised and as always, we’re #HereForYou. We CAN help and we will. Call us at 407-757-2883.