There are various methods for making your child support and alimony payments as follows:

  • Making payments directly to your Spouse (via check or direct deposit)
  • Making payments through the State of Florida Disbursement Unit
  • Making payments through the State of Florida Disbursement Unit via Income Withholding Order

Many circumstances may necessitate the use of an Income Withholding Order (formerly known as the Income Deduction Order) which allows the payments to be removed from payor’s pay stubs and delivered to the payee after the payment is transmitted through the State of Florida Disbursement Unit.  A fee is required for each payment made through the state, however, the benefit is that the state tracks these monthly payments and keeps detailed records of same.

Making Alimony Payments

Similarly, choosing to make payments on your own through the State of Florida Disbursement unit without utilizing the Income Withholding Order permits you to receive your entire pay and then make your monthly payment through the state.  Utilizing this method still requires you to include an additional fee per payment and the state continues to keep detailed records of the payments made using this method.  This option may be beneficial to those individuals who are self-employed and do not have a third party writing their checks.

Finally, each person has the ability to make payments on their own directly to their spouse.  When utilizing this method you must keep accurate and detailed records of each payment as no one else is keeping track for you as in the above methods.  Instead, if there is any question, you must be able to prove and show that you are current in your support payments.

Florida Alimony Payments

When you begin discussing/negotiating or arguing about your child support and alimony payments, be sure to know your options and determine which method is preferable in your given situation.  It may depend on how amicable things are between the parents when considering the best option.  It may also depend on the “need to speed” in receipt of the monies as slight delays can occur in the processing involved in some of the methods.  Which payment seems best for you?