It gets better! Well, it can if you work on it. Separation of parents often has a devastating effect on children. One set of parents were determined to put aside their grievances and support their daughter.


We should all aspire to be the type of parents who will always put their children first. I often get asked, how do I improve my relationship with my ex? Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  1. Be flexible
    • When your ex’s parents come into town without prior notice wanting to see the grand kids during your weekend time-sharing–let them. The time will come when you’ll want that flexibility. Don’t burn bridges.
  2. Be reasonable
    • You should never expect to “win” on every issue. Allow your spouse to have the additional time-sharing he is requesting even if was not previously agreed upon.
  3. Communicate
    • Update each other often when the children are with you. Let your ex know about the award your child received or the goal your child scored at the soccer game your ex could not attend. Trade photos of the children liberally with each other.
  4. Learn to trust
    • Your ex’s parenting style is likely different than yours. Trust in the decisions your ex makes during his or her time-sharing and your ex will learn to trust the ones you make.
  5. Commit to being consistent
    • Commit to being consistent with each other. Children need routine and structure despite how much they fight it. Issues like meal time, bed time, and completing chores need to consistent between both parents homes. Do your best to maintain consistent even if your ex isn’t.