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Does anybody win?

I became a lawyer because I love the courtroom. But, I know that if I am in a courtroom, something went wrong…someone wasn’t reasonable, someone doesn’t understand the consequences of court or costs, or someone is too mad to realize they can help the outcome.

Being a lawyer for 22 years, I know the answer is to find the most creative solution possible whether it be mediation, collaboration, and/or negotiation.  Seeing families break apart, learning of an affair, seeing hearts shatter into a million pieces is something I’ll never get used to.  That’s why I make it my mission to not only implement the best solution possible for all parties involved, I look at the healing process as well.  My team and I are there for our clients all the way and we understand and empathize with all of your needs so we can implement what makes sense to get it right.  We’re here for any level of support you need and we welcome the chance to walk the right path with you and that doesn’t mean to “fight” or “cave”…it means to resolve  We are here.