Have you ever used the words “visit,” “visitation” or “custody” when talking with your child about the other parent’s home? Would you consider any of those words a bad word?

Probably not, right? When I asked a past client who coparents very well with their ex the same question regarding the word “custody”, her response was, “OMG. I think I do that and never once thought it was bad!” So, I sent her this article: One word every divorced & separated parent needs to stop using now

“Terms like “visit,” “visitation” and “child custody” in my opinion are some of the worst offenders.” – – Christina McGhee for Divorceify

Is custody a bad word family law attorney orlando

Although we agree it’s not “bad” per say, we do think there needs to be outreach regarding this topic and how by using “visit”, “visitation”, or “custody” we could potentially be creating a negative environment for children without even knowing. After reading the article we thought it important to share this topic with you to possibly help you grow with your coparenting.

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