As divorce rates rise, one-parent households, step-parents and blended families have become the new modern families.  Most people know at least one, if not many, ‘non-traditional’ families.  They also know, or have heard of, the unique issues these newly created families must address.  Some challenges are extremely difficult and cannot be overcome.  So it is uplifting and encouraging to hear about personal accounts from families post-divorce who are not only surviving, but also thriving.  The link below highlights a blended family of ten.  The couple explains how they made a pledge to one another to put their marriage before their children.  “The children cannot be happy and sane if we are not happy and sane. We are their role models for love and relationships. They heal from the pain of our respective divorces by watching us love one another as wholly and openly as we do. We messed it up once in their lifetimes; we want to show them that there is redemption after failure.”  Click below on the link to read about Eva and her husband, Roy’s story.