Mediation can be overwhelming and emotional. If you plan ahead and have an idea as to what the process looks like, you can expect a much smoother experience.

1.      The mediator is completely neutral. Although the mediator may be an attorney, they are there to hear both sides during a mediation. They’re also there to help reach resolutions that are acceptable to both parties, therefore giving spouses more control over the outcome of their case instead of leaving the outcome up to a judge.

2.      Keep in mind that you will be paying fees for your mediation. You’ve hired the mediator so double check the cost and ask ahead of time about the payment situation.

3.      Triple check with your attorney about what documents you need to bring to mediation. Any documentation that you’ll need to present should be prepared and organized ahead of time in order to save time for negotiations.

4.      Mediation may take a while. Don’t be afraid to ask your attorney what to expect and what is appropriate attire for mediation. If you and your spouse aren’t able to reach an agreement within the scheduled mediation time, there’s a chance that you’ll have to reschedule and finish at another time. So, come to your mediation ready with your specific case goals, to find solutions, and be prepared to compromise.

5.      Little known fact, you don’t have to be in the same room as your spouse. If you’re in a high conflict divorce, you have the option to be in separate rooms and the mediator will go back and forth to help facilitate communications between the two rooms. Although this can slow down the process of mediation, it can absolutely bring down emotions and help you make better decisions about your outcome.

As with all issues relating to divorce, keep in mind that this is just the brink of all things mediation. Should you need legal assistance in the family law field in Orlando, Florida, call the team that is #HereForYou!