1) What interested you in pursuing a career in Psychology? 

I was inspired in high school when I began working for a social worker at a facility for disabled adults. I was inspired to see the difference he made in their lives. I was interested in general psychology in college, but when I took my first forensic psychology course, I was hooked! While I enjoyed helping children who experienced abuse, I also enjoyed helping families transition to divorce. I knew forensic psychology was for me when I secured a residency in a group forensic practice. I was able to learn fundamental skills from experienced psychiatrists. 

2)  Tell us about some new practices in Psychology that you feel are exciting.

Collaborative practice is new and exciting in my field. While working with families in transition, we also have the opportunity to positively change the course of their divorce. Additionally, telehealth has allowed services to continue and thrive in the pandemic as mental health issues are on the rise.

3)  Do you have any stories from patients or colleagues thanking you for your help, professionally or personally, over the years?

I have several therapy stories with children that stick with me every day. I have received letters from adults that I saw as children. Those letters thank me for helping them at an early age and let me know I made a significant difference in their lives. That reward alone is priceless. Professionally, I have mentored many psychologists and appreciate that they have gone out and made their way successfully in the field. I will continue to mentor young professionals in the field. It is just as rewarding as helping patients.

4) What’s next for your career?

At this stage of my career, I am primarily a forensic psychologist, working with families going through legal issues; whether that is divorce or allegations of abuse. I evaluate individuals to assist the courts with their difficult determinations.

To learn more about Dr. Deborah O. Day, LMHC/Licensed Psychologist, visit www.psychologicalaffiliates.com