Choosing a No-Fault Divorce may Speed Dissolution and Save Costs

no fault divorcePlaying the blame game through a drastic emotional and financially disruptive change only exacerbates the animosity during divorce proceedings, delays the process, and prevents either party from moving on with their lives. In an article published in Attorney at Law Magazine, Rebecca Palmer details how choosing a ‘No-Fault’ divorce can alleviate the stress of a traditional divorce and allow both parties to put a traumatic emotional experience behind them.

About a No-Fault Divorce

“A no-fault divorce does not relieve either party of personal accountability in the breakdown of the marriage; it simply does not have to be a part of the petition and court proceedings during the fault divorce process,” writes Rebecca. “Without a burden of proof needed, there is no legal directive to go into the private details of the marriage and find reasons, such as alleged infidelity, to illustrate support for the petitioner’s divorce request.

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