The internet is inundated with suggested lists of questions to ask your attorney during a consultation, as well as the “Top 10 Lists” of qualities your divorce attorney should possess.  I would encourage any individual to consult these lists in order to prepare for a consultation.  As you will often hear on commercials and other advertisements for attorneys – the hiring of a lawyer is an important decision.

My experience during consultations has been that clients do not ask me many (and most often any) questions regarding my background, philosophies, or work habits.  This is surprising to me since we are potentially going to embark on a journey together through what is often an emotional and arduous process (although we do try to make it as easy as possible).

If I were hiring a divorce attorney I would make sure that we have a good rapport, that he or she shares my same philosophies when it comes to divorce (e.g., the children’s well-being is paramount, the goal is settlement rather than trial, etc.), that he or she is responsive, that he or she prepares for mediations and hearings, that he or she is going to keep me apprised as to the status of my case, and that he or she is willing to go to Court if necessary.

It appears to me that most people hire an attorney through word of mouth  – and often times not even based on a good referral.  People often hire a person just because they have a friend in common.  It is always good to remember that you do not need to hire the first attorney you hear about – or even the first attorney with whom you consult.  Paying an extra consultation fee is better than engaging in a professional relationship that turns out to be a disaster thousands of dollars down the road.