The cause of divorce varies, but it often boils down to losing trust in your spouse. Take, for instance, Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s high-profile divorce.

After thirteen years of marriage, Tom and Gisele finalized their divorce in late October. While many viewed them as a powerhouse couple, there was frustration and misalignment of relationship needs beyond the happy family pictures. Their split is a reminder that prioritizing compromises is vital in maintaining a healthy partnership. In interviews, Gisele elaborated on her sacrifices for their marriage, including prioritizing her family by stepping away from her modeling career. She also relocated to Boston to support Tom’s football career and was the primary caretaker of their children. The relationship needs appeared one-sided, and it was clear that Gisele felt her needs were not met. When Tom achieved his record-shattering seventh Super Bowl win, Gisele asked, “what more does he have to prove?” She was insinuating that he had achieved immeasurable success in his career and that it was time to pivot his attention to the family. Gisele has told the press that Tom had suffered numerous concussions and football was a significant time commitment that took precious time away from their kids. She feared his health was at risk and he was missing the milestones their children experienced. 

Gisele wanted Tom to focus on their family and make similar sacrifices to those she had made for their relationship and their children’s wellbeing. While Tom did announce his retirement at the beginning of 2022, he quickly rescinded this decision by returning for another NFL season. Ultimately, the trust between them was broken, leading to divorce. Though Gisele and Tom’s divorce created differing opinions across the U.S., it is essential to look at their divorce because many of the steps they took led to an amicable separation. They filed for divorce in Glades County, Florida, and reached a marital settlement agreement, including a parenting plan. A parenting plan helps eliminate conflict after the divorce by laying out guidelines that both parents agree to. A family law attorney can help prepare a parenting plan and be impartial to ensure the plan is developed in the children’s best interest. Parent education and family stabilization courses are required in Florida when a divorcing couple has minor children. Tom and Gisele took these courses to prepare to raise their kids as divorced parents. 

The divorce process can be challenging to navigate. However, lost trust only exacerbates problems and muddies divorce proceedings, especially if children are involved. Having a trusted family law attorney by your side helps ensure decisions fit the best interest of your children and yourself.