Orange and Osceola Courts have announced reopening plans for domestic divisions including divorce and child support. Since March 2020, many court proceedings have either been halted or conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as businesses and other organizations begin to resume regular activities, as are the courts. 

Reopening Plans for Orange and Osceola Divorce Courts

According to a release by the Domestic Judges in the Ninth Judicial Court, all non-domestic violence divisions will remain virtual until August 9th unless advanced notice is given. Domestic violence proceedings will return to in-person starting July 26th. Courthouses will be executing health and safety protocols to protect all individuals. When this is complete, judges in non-domestic violence cases may choose to hold trials, complex evidentiary hearings, emergency motions, and other proceedings in person. 

Many judges will begin instituting a “block schedule” to ease confusion for all parties involved. For example, a judge may decide to hold virtual hearings only on certain days of the week and in-person matters on other days. All uncontested dissolution final judgments will continue to be only mailed in. 

General Magistrates will proceed virtually until September 6th. More extended evidentiary hearings will be heard in-person after, but continue virtual hearings for pretrial, case management conferences, or other hearings. 

Child support proceedings will remain virtual through October. All supervised visitation through Family Ties will continue to stay virtual through the summer. A notification will be sent when in-person visitation becomes available. Mediation will also remain virtual this summer, and like visitation, a notice will be sent when in-person occurs. 

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