The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media During a Divorce

Social media can be the ultimate curse when you’re going through a divorce.  Just googling “social media divorce” and you’ll, unfortunately, find hundreds and hundreds of horror stories of people bashing their soon to be ex on social media.  It’s a show that people will sit and watch for their own entertainment and it’s unnerving.  So, let me provide a few key points on how to handle social media while going through a divorce.

  1. Anytime you post anything on social media, send in an email, or take a picture of, think of this…a judge might see that.  Always let that run through your mind first before you announce it to the world.  I’ve seen way too many people be reprimanded in court for immature content that they just “had” to post.  Sometimes posts just
  1. If you’ve retained an attorney, it’s a big no-no to post anything that was discussed between you and your attorney.  Never put, “My attorney said….” By doing this, you will have waived the attorney-client privilege.
  1. Do you have your ex’s passwords and login in information? Don’t use it. There are legal ramifications in doing so –trust me.
  1. Want to post a picture of you enjoying a glass of wine while your kids are running around not being supervised?  It isn’t cute, instead, it could hurt your custody agreement.
  1. It should go without saying, but unfortunately, it must be said…never, ever, ever, I repeat, ever bash your ex on social media.  I understand you might want to reach out for support and “get people on your side,” but social media is not the place to do that.  Reach out to your closest friends and relatives, or speak with a counselor.  You’re not hurting your ex by bashing him/her (but you are making them mad), you probably have mutual friends and/or family members that will see that and you could hurt THEM.  You may not love or care for your soon to be ex, but they do.  And think of this…what if your children ever see that?

All in all, it might be best to stay away from social media altogether when you are in the thick of it.  Or consider the above tips before hitting “send.”