Just over a week ago the first same-sex marriage licenses were issued in Florida and same-sex divorces are already at the forefront.  While the celebrations of same-sex marriages are roaring throughout the State, why is divorce brought up so soon?  That’s a pretty pessimistic outlook, even in this day and age where divorce is so common in our society. But the reason why divorce is already at the forefront is because many same-sex spouses already reside in Florida, whose marriages were legally solemnized in other states, have found themselves without legal recourse when they were ready to dissolve their marriages.  In other words, since Florida did not recognize same-sex marriages, Florida could not grant a same-sex divorce.  Now that same-sex marriages are legal, same-sex spouses who wish to dissolve their marriage will have full and equal rights to the courts in Florida for issues including parenting, support, property rights, retirement benefits, and changes in tax filings.  And once their marriage is dissolved, they can move forward and reestablish themselves in the same way traditional couples have long taken for granted.  As the article below explains, “Divorce may not be easy, but not having access to it can make life even more complicated.”