For many, divorce can feel much like an intense storm – where anger, fear, despair, grief, and disbelief whirl around in an all-consuming unpredictable rage.   Sometimes this storm is determined to persist and there is no end in sight. However, in time the storm begins to lighten, the skies begin to quiet and order begins to appear.  As the world turns back into view, you realize just how much it has changed and you just may be amazed by its transformation.  In actuality, your world is different because you are now different.  And then you realize how wonderful it is being the new you .  You find yourself more resilient, stronger, and perhaps happier than you’d ever thought possible!  More often than not, and surprising as it may seem,  divorce can actually have a positive effect on people’s lives!  Lisa Arends’s article “10 Ways Divorce Can Change Your Life for the Better”  reveals some surprising and very reassuring effects divorce can have. As she states in the article below, “…whether you realize it or not, divorce (like many other life challenges) has changed you. Shaped you. Strengthened you.”

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